Time to get packing

Over the weekend I put in a last desperate attempt to get fit, while Stacey repeated the Yorkshire 3 Peaks in 7 hours and 39 minutes. It looks as though he is ready to give the National 3 Peaks a good go. For myself, I went out for about 4 hours each on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I walked along the John Muir Way from its beginning to Dunbar where I met my family at Lauderdale Park, and on Sunday I followed a circular route that took in a stretch of the Southern Upland Way in an attempt to get some hills in. Mileage wise I covered a bit more than we will complete during our National 3 Peaks 24 hours. However, the ascent was nothing like what we will face. As long as the weather is good it should be okay but the long range forecast has rain at Ben Nevis and if it is anything like today then it will not be fun.

I need to go shopping for a couple of things before we head off; food and a new head torch mostly. My head torch is far too dim to be able to cope if the weather is as bad as it could be. I need one with a search light beam. After that all that remains is to keep well for the rest of the week and pack my bags.

To those that have already sponsored us I must thank you once again. For those that haven’t but still want to then there is plenty of time left. As a small thank you here are a couple of snaps from my weekend’s walks.


Waterfall at The Linn


Barns Ness light house


Victoria Harbour, Dunbar


Cove Harbour


Pease Burn


Cows at Blackburn Farm

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