Time for a Reboot

Our attempts at completing the National 3 Peaks Challenge are over for now. The sponsorship website is is now closed and we managed to raise £830 online. Stacey managed to raise lots more offline and I’ll update you on that amount once it is all in. Cameron managed to raise some offline as well. All in all we did quite well considering that raising money for charity seems to be getting harder. Understandably I think that people are less likely to give money as they are concerned about their own finances.

One thing became apparent to me over the course of our two attempts on the 3 Peaks: I’m not as fit as I should be. While I was fit enough to complete the challenge (issues encountered notwithstanding) those that know me will be aware that I have been fitter. Between 2004 and 2009 I completed a number of running events from 5k through to multi-day ultra-marathons. Since then I have had very little impetus to put the amount of effort into my training that is needed to maintain that level of fitness and I am starting to get a little soggy around the middle.

In order to remedy this I am declaring my intention to complete a number of events next year. We will gather as many of the team from this year’s first 3 Peaks attempt as possible and ascend Snowdon. There will also be a number of recce visits to Snowdonia to scope out a future attempt on the Welsh 3000s. For my own benefit I will try to bag another couple of Munros. I only have 3 to my name so far, leaving 279 to compleat.

Excitingly, my very good friend Rob has decided that he wants to run his first full marathon in 2013 and has asked me to run with him. I haven’t run a marathon since 2009 and so I’m going to have to put in some quality training for once. Rob has decided on the Kosice Peace Marathon in Slovakia for his debut, which is usually held in October, and I am getting myself excited about it already. Next year will be the 90th running of the Kosice Peace Marathon, making it the third oldest marathon in the world and the oldest in Europe. It’s not as massive as something like London or Paris but that tends to suit me better.

In order to get myself into good shape for helping Rob around the double loop in Kosice I’m planning on running a marathon in early February, or thereabouts, before building up again towards October. I haven’t decided where yet but if you know of any good ones in the UK at that time of year then let me know.

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