Since last week I haven’t achieved a great deal in my quest for fitness. I managed two 3 milers last week and a wee walk with my daughter where I had to carry her for a mile back to the house because she was tired. Not too tired to ask me to put her down 100 metres from the house and then sprint off declaring that she had won!
And so I have entered myself into the 2013 Greater Manchester Marathon. This takes place on 28th April 2013 and starts and finishes at the scene of one of my friend Lee’s greatest design triumphs – the White City roundabout in Old Trafford. From there it heads out to Altrincham, and then returns to Old Trafford. The benefits of this race for me are that it is flat and that it takes place just a few miles from where my parents live. This means that I know most of the roads and can maybe get a few training runs in on the route. The downside is that it is an out and back route. These are my least favourite as they are tough mentally.
My quest for fitness in 2013 begins here. I’ve devised a training plan to take me into January where I will start my actual marathon training. Hopefully I can keep to it as much as possible through the dark and cold days of winter, and my nagging ITB problem will leave me alone enough to get through it all.
What would be nice would be if I could entice some old chums to run the race with me. Now wouldn’t that be interesting?

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