I have failed in my attempt to exercise over the last couple of weeks. I managed a couple of runs but things got a little weird. Because of where I work I was having to go for a run at six in the morning, and even though I was only heading down the hill and back for a total of three miles I was finding it unusually hard. It felt as though I was putting a lot of strain on my heart and that was a bit frightening. It occurred to me that I have been very tired recently as well. I can put most of that down to having almost every night’s sleep broken for the last four and a half years but recently it seems to have made me even more tired than usual. I don’t know, maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s because it’s winter now and it’s dark in the mornings and evenings. Maybe I’m just old and fat.

All of this sounds like excuses even to my ears. If I wanted to exercise then I would make the time. The only thing that I can say in my defence is that my ITB is still bothering me. This has been going on for over a year and a half and I can’t seem to get past it. Yet again though, I probably only have myself to blame. You see I haven’t been very good at doing my homework. My Physio gave me stretches and exercises to do and I just haven’t been doing them. It has reached the point where I can sit around trying to ignore it no longer. I have the spectre of a marathon looming over me for next April and I have to get myself into shape. I’m starting again and this time I’m determined to keep to it.

Small steps at first. This week I am concentrating on stretching. Twice a day at least I am making sure that I stretch myself out in the hope that doing so will start to improve things. Next week I will build on this by adding callisthenics or weight training throughout the week, followed by a return to running. It can only improve is what I reckon.

Something else has been playing at the back of my mind too. Just over a year ago I dramatically downsized my car as an austerity measure. This made sense financially, but I am putting in a daily 90 mile commute in a car that is designed for getting people from their house in the burbs to their work or the shops a few miles away. This is causing my ITB to flare up on a daily basis and so it’s time to get back into a bigger car. Interestingly it seems that I can get a modern big family car that does better mileage than my current city car and so I won’t make any pandas cry.

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