New Year, Old Me

I have been quiet over the last few weeks and for very good reason. I have made absolutely no progress at all. This is turning into a blog about non-achievement. After the cold sore episode I went back to the gym a couple of times and then fell foul of the lurgy. My temperature was all over the place and I was aching from head to foot. Things improved after a few days and I managed to keep going to work but I still felt off colour and so didn’t make it back to the gym or out onto the road. Before I knew what was happening Christmas was upon me.
I spent the break travelling the country to visit relatives and the whole time I felt under the weather. On top of that I shovelled as much rich food and drink into myself as I could. For the most part I was bloating up quickly and feeling rotten, and so I didn’t consume as much as I might have done had I been feeling better. That said I have still managed to gain a few pounds since the tail end of November.
So what is to be done? I’m still feeling under the weather and so my fitness kickstart might have to be delayed for a few days more yet. My mind is willing but my body is weak. There is no time like the present however, and so I am heading out of the door right now to go for a walk while it is not raining.

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