I’ve been quiet for the past short while and so I wanted to bring you all back up to date with a few things.

Firstly I have made the decision to not run the Greater Manchester Marathon at the end of April. This was not an easy decision to make. It is hard to admit that you are not going to be able to do something, especially when you have done it a number of times before. What tipped me over the edge was going for a 4.5 mile run and having to walk 2.5 miles of it because my knee was in too much pain. This is not a good place to be one fifth of the way into my training schedule. The knee does not seem to be getting better and in fact it has been getting worse gradually over the last two years. Physio didn’t really help, the Chiropractor has not made a great deal of difference, and stretching regularly has not calmed it down. Neither has just doing nothing. And so I have come to the conclusion that I will not be running anywhere any time soon. It seems that I can still walk a reasonable distance without too much pain but even then I can feel it niggling away.

I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow and I will embark on a journey through the NHS to see if I can get any answers. In the meantime I have been trying to manage my food intake a little better and to do some light calisthenics when nobody is looking. My plans for this year will have to be re-adjusted to fit better with my new lack of ability.

At the same time a lot of things have happened in my work life. As I told you last time, the company that I was working for went into administration. Note the use of the past tense. After a very stressful week of not knowing what was happening and watching as over 340 people were made redundant my turn came, and a week ago today I was made redundant by the Administrator. If you have ever been through this process, as I have a couple of times now, you will know that the Administrator does not have to serve notice and does not have to pay you any money that you may be owed. As a result I spent last Wednesday afternoon filling in forms, tidying things up with my customer, and wondering what I was going to do next. On the Thursday I received a call from my customer asking me where I was. They were under the impression that I was supposed to be on site with them. It turns out that they had done a deal with a recruitment agency to keep a number of us in place and so I had to quickly get myself organised and back to work.

So here I am, a lame, self-employed/freelance/contract, ex-adventurer. Although you might say that this is only the start of a new adventure.

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