We Can Rebuild Him

Not much has changed since my last update. Two weeks ago I went to see my GP and his response was that there probably wasn’t too much point in referring me to an NHS physio as I would probably be better off seeing somebody more focussed on sports injuries. This meant arranging an appointment with somewhere in town and paying for it myself. I am not without means and so the very next day I made an appointment to see the good people at FASIC in Edinburgh. I was given a thorough going over by a physiotherapist there and she reached a similar conclusion to the physio that I saw last year. That is that they can tell that I am in pain but can’t figure out why! I do have tightness in my right leg/glute but the pain in my knee confounds them. She prescribed a set of exercises to rebuild the wasted muscle in my quads and said that I should try this for three weeks and see if there is some improvement. I’m two weeks into the regime and I do think that I’m starting to feel some change. It is coming slowly but it’s definitely there. I’ll see it through for the next week and make a decision on next steps then.

Doing nothing is not an option. I’m a long way from dead and there is no way that I’m going to allow myself to fuse to my chair through inactivity. It is going to require some work on my part to rebuild the wonder that is me but I’m up for it.

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