Knee watch!

I went to see Dr Nichol at FASIC today. He was very friendly and spent some time trying to hurt me, all in the name of my good health. Essentially there appears to be nothing wrong with my knee. His diagnosis is that my glutes need to be strengthened. There is an imbalance that has led to my knee turning in as I run/walk. That is making my ITB rub against my knee. This is what is causing the pain, but is not in itself a problem. All in all this is broadly the same diagnosis that was made by the two physiotherapists that I have seen.

The answer is to continue with my visits to the gym, using the cross-trainer, concentrating on my glutes and inflicting horrific pain on myself with the foam roller. I have to remember to take it slowly and build up to running again. Resting is not the answer and this is where I’ve been going wrong previously. I’ve been doing that man thing where I’ve rested myself for a few weeks, felt okay and then tried to run 5 miles. Immediately the pain comes back.

This might take a while but he has reassured me that the knee isn’t knackered. My fear was that there was some functional problem with my knee or some heavy wear and tear that might stop me from doing any exercise in future. Happily not and so it’s time to get to work.

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