Aira Force

Time flies when you’re having fun. This week I have spent most of my time trying to figure out what is happening at work. More interestingly I spent the weekend camping in Cumbria with friends and family. We headed down there on Saturday and pitched the tent in glorious sunshine. Our tent is not ideal for weekend camping because it is massive! If you don’t believe me then take a look at this:


That was taken last August. I didn’t get around to taking a photo of it this year as it was time to eat once we had put the tent up. After a sumptuous BBQ the temperature plummeted and we all headed to the bar on the campsite. We were camping at the Quiet Site on Ullswater and they have a fantastic bar on the site that has many distractions for wee monkeys like the one that we had with us.

Overnight the weather took a turn for the worse and the rain and the wind came. The tent held up well but it did highlight a design flaw. As you can see from the photo the main entrance to the tent is a mesh door. There is another door that zips down over the groundsheet at the front. This affords some protection from the rain but the wind comes howling under it and leaves us freezing inside. Still, we’re made of sterner stuff and we survived the night.

Sunday saw us breakfast indoors and then split up for the day. Most of us headed out on an 8 mile loop that took us from the campsite to Aira Force, and then back to the campsite. The walk wasn’t too strenuous and gave us some fantastic views of Ullswater on the way to the waterfalls:


The waterfalls themselves are quite spectacular, and seemed to be quite popular too.


The weather was typically Cumbrian, although I never felt cold. We survived the ordeal intact and headed back to the campsite.

Dinner was had in a local pub, which was very nice, and then off to bed for another night of wind and rain.

The Gods of camping were kind on Monday as we packed up. Despite wind and rain in the morning it calmed down by the time we had to get it all back into the car. The tent was still wet, but at least it didn’t drag us down the hill like some massive hang-glider, as we tried to fold it up and get it back into its bag. It’s still rotting in the garage, in the forlorn hope that the weather will be good enough to dry it out this weekend

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