My laziness knows no bounds but I have been casting about for ways to keep myself interested in exercising. I think I’ve mentioned before that Arnold Schwarzenegger has refocussed on the fitness world since his return to the movie business and has dedicated a part of his website to inspiring mere mortals to get themselves moving. To that end he has put forward the idea of dedicating 1% of your day to fitness, either exercising or eating better. 1% of your day equates to about 15 minutes and so I have been trying to make 1% of my day free for getting fit. There is a 1% workout on his website that anybody can do anywhere. No fancy equipment is required as it relies on time-honoured calisthenics.

Still, I find it difficult to motivate my lazy self to just get up and do it, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one. With that in mind Arnold has teamed up with to make the 1% workouts available online. Through Fitocracy you can log your workouts online and then keep track of your progress. For those of you that enjoy the wonderful world of social media then Fitocracy allows you to befriend people, track their progress, give them encouragement and to challenge them to compete with you.

I’m not much of a ‘joiner’ truth be told, but I do understand the power of a workout buddy. Working out with someone of a similar level can drive you to achieve things that you might not be motivated to achieve on your own. If you fancy joining me online then get yourself signed up to the Arnold 1% Challenge on Fitocracy and look me up.

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