Has it really been that long?

My apologies for neglecting you for so long. I’ve started a new job, amongst other things, since I last wrote. That isn’t what I wanted to tell you about though. Instead I wanted to tell you about last weekend’s camping trip, to Buxton of all places. Specifically I wanted to tell you about the day that my friend and I spent climbing The Roaches.

I am very much a novice climber, having not climbed anything in the last 10 years other than the odd ladder or the stairs. In fact, other than that single climbing episode around 10 years ago at Alien Rock in Edinburgh I haven’t climbed anything since I was about 17. Given that last weekend was my umpteenth birthday, then 17 was a long time ago. You won’t be surprised to learn then, that we used the services of an instructor, and invaluable he was too. Our guide for the day was Richard of Rock and Ice. He had a gallows humour which was perfect for the day and he took us through four hours of bouldering followed by an hour or two of traditional roped climbing and abseiling (rappelling if you’re American).

It was fantastic fun, although I lost the skin from the tips of three fingers on the grit stone and I still have sore toes from the ridiculous shoes that I had to wear.

So, if you fancy a day climbing in fantastic country with someone who has genuine credentials then you would do worse than to give Richard a call. For my part I’m going looking for some big rocks to climb.


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