Busy Times

Over the past couple of weeks I have tried to keep to my new regime but the realities of daily life have managed to get in my way. I’m not complaining too much though as a lot of it has been fun. Some work related shenanigans early last week meant that I only returned to my training last Thursday. In between then and now I had a couple of days off over the weekend. On the Saturday we were at the Ski Centre outside Edinburgh for a birthday party. There were over ten 5 year olds sliding down the man-made slope in inflatable tubes. They were loving it. Unfortunately the temperature was up in the mid-twenties and so the little ones were getting a bit puffed out dragging the doughnuts back up the hill every time. One of the dads did a sterling job of carrying lots of doughnuts up and down the hill for the tots, and eventually I stopped my amateur photography and pitched in as well.
Sunday we went to Chillingham Castle. I’ve wanted to visit Chillingham Estate for quite some time as they have a herd of wild cattle that have lived on the estate for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see them on this occasion but we did get to tour the castle and grounds, and take a walk out to the lakes where we watched fish jumping at darters. It was good fun and the weather was perfect. The final seal of approval came from my daughter who didn’t asked to be carried until we were heading back to the car. A sure sign that a wander around an old castle with few restrictions, and grounds that are well maintained but have a feeling of the wild about them, is an adventure in itself. If you’re ever over that way you should go and take it look.
Other than that I am back on the training schedule. It’s going well so far. My knees still have some pain in them but I can feel myself becoming stronger. It’s going to take a while but I’m doing it now rather than just talking about it and so I expect to be back to a decent level of fitness by the late autumn. The test will come in October when I intend to enter the Dunbar Doon Hill Race. I haven’t run this for some time but it takes place over 10 miles, starting from the centre of Dunbar, heading out of the town, under the A1 and then up to the summit of Doon Hill, returning via Spott (assuming that the route hasn’t changed). It can be quite a challenging course depending on the state of the weather. You should try it. In fact why don’t all three of you that read this blog sign up and we could run it together!

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