Where the heck have I been?

So, I didn’t enter the Doon Hill Race. I’m not convinced that I’m fit enough and don’t want to destroy my fragile recovery. I was feeling a bit low about how little I have achieved this year until I remembered that in February I was taking the lift at work as my knee was too sore to walk up the stairs. Now I’m regularly running three miles two or three times a week and doing my strengthening exercises as well. I’m feeling much better in the legs. The same cannot be said for my right arm and shoulder. Since my last entry I have had a lot of pain in my right shoulder, going into my chest and shoulder blade and down my right arm. It turns out that the issue isn’t there but in my neck. There are a group of muscles called scalene muscles in the neck and one of them in particular has picked up an injury. I don’t feel the pain there though, rather it is referred down my right arm.

As a result I dropped off my exercises for a while and concentrated on stretching. I’m visiting the physio and have started up the running again.

Other than that I have mostly been at work or ferrying the monkey around to various social engagements. Who knew little people had such busy social diaries?

We did spend two well earned weeks in France during August and if I had won the National Lottery last night then I would be go

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