I am still quietly plugging away and slowly regaining some level of fitness. It is difficult being a fat old man but I am making some progress. At the start of the year I was taking the lift at work as my right knee was in such a bad way that I could not climb one floor to go and buy coffee. The other day I caught myself running upstairs at home. It took me a while to realise that I was doing it and it felt strange. My shoulder pain has subsided too through judicious stretching and some very painful pummelling. It is all starting to look better and so this is the time that I have to be most cautious. It would be very easy to either drop off of my exercise regime and backslide to a point of pain again, or overdo things and sustain a new injury.
So it’s all good. I’m starting to think of escapades again and as a result I have committed myself to another crack at the National 3 Peaks Challenge next year. Fourth time is the charm. To be honest we’ve been unlucky the last two times and so we have to do it just to lay it to rest.
The other escapade that is foremost in my mind is less physical but just as much about endurance. The logistics of it elude me at the moment but you will be the first to know if I manage to straighten it out in my head.

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