End of Q1

The first quarter of 2014 has passed and I have been very quiet. What’s been going on, you might well ask. Mostly life has been going on. Getting up and going to work, coming home and tidying up and then going to bed. The goings on of those in positions of power have kept me wound up into a state of frothing agitation. Friends and loved ones have suffered setbacks and successes.

Amongst it all I have find time for a couple of little adventures. In February we jetted out of a frigid airport to land in a much warmer one on the Arabian Peninsula. We had a number of low key adventures amongst the weirdness of Dubai including finding a dead squid on the beach that seemed to have been making a mobile phone SOS with it’s dying breath. As always, Dubai left me a little bewildered. It is a weird place that is very seductive, but I always have a sense of bad things scuttling beneath the veneer.


We recently spent a weekend at The Boat Hotel to celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary. We escaped the sunshine and spent the weekend in the snowy hills. At least it was cold enough to keep our bubbles chilling on the verandah.


Most recently I ran the Dunbar 10K with no real training. It registers as my slowest ever 10K time I think but I’m quite happy with my result. Getting around without falling apart was a triumph in itself, and to be honest I felt quite good. The rebuilding must be paying off.

On that note my training regime has taken a turn for the more serious. I’ve been going to the gym near work since mid January and one of the guys there has helped me out with a training plan. The first two months were intended to kick start me, and concentrated on core strength, legs and back. I’ve since moved onto a new programme with a similar focus but the intensity has increased. I’m starting to feel better about myself again and less like a fat middle aged bloke. Knees and shoulder still make themselves known but overall I’m starting to feel stronger. The exercises themselves are quite simple and the weights are relatively small just now, but we’re doing it properly rather than filling up on bravado and then injuring myself even further.

The next couple of months are going to be busy, and I’m still hopeful of another attempt on the National 3 Peaks by the middle of the year. Watch this space.

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