A weekend away

Last Friday we packed up the car at lunchtime, picked up the Monkey from school and headed to Beinglas campsite just north of Loch Lomond. The weather was fair and we had the tent up within a short space of time so that we could enjoy the sun going down with a wee glass of something while we waited on friends that were coming from further away.

Beinglas is situated right on the West Highland Way. It has a bar that serves food throughout the day, showers, a shop and those little wooden pods that seem to be everywhere now, as well as a field dedicated to camping.


With it being on the West Highland Way it proved to have quite a high turn over with people arriving around dinner time and leaving again the next morning.

On the Saturday morning we woke to mist and dampness. Breakfast of porridge was consumed before Stacey and I headed off up the West Highland Way for a mile before taking a very steep and winding hill track up the foot of Beinn Chadhair.

It was a long slog and we were lucky that it has been dry for so long. The first 300 metres follow the hill track straight up the side of the mountain at which point it meets the Ben Glas burn. The mountain levels out here and the track disappears. Hot and bothered we started the trudge up the valley to Locahn Beinn Chabhair following the burn. This part was a very shallow rise of 200 metres over about 3 miles of marsh. There is a track worn by many boots but it is easy to lose it as you squelch your way towards the Lochan.

Once reached we had a sit down for a few minutes to enjoy the sun before the 160 metre climb up to Meall nan Tarmachan.


Once onto the undulating ridge we had another mile or so to go to the summit with a climb of around 260 metres. Not far from the summit we found a flat mossy spot that was getting a lot of sunshine and so we sat down here for half an hour before the final big push.

There was a view for a few miles from the summit and Stacey took a few photos before we headed all the way back to the campsite.


We got back an hour faster than we climbed up, slightly sunburned but all the better for having been out for a walk, and ready for a couple of beers.

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