Projects, projects, projects

Modern working life appears to be made up of project work. Everything is a project. Even if you work every day doing the same thing there will be a project on the go to improve it, or add new things to the list.

Outside of work we seem to be compartmentalising more and more of what we do as projects, and my life is as much like this as anybody elses.

Work has kept me very busy so far in 2015 and so I haven’t been able to spend a great deal of time on my own plans. In fact I will be working today, in amongst other things.

There are some themes building though. There will be projects around the house that will have to be planned and executed, a lot of work around our international excitement that I mentioned in my last post, some journeys that have to be arranged and some physical challenges to be trained for.

We have made one change already. A change of direction for Mrs Kennedy has meant the handing back of the company car and the purchase of a new family wagon. We took a jaunt to visit my parents in it and celebrated my dad’s birthday.


I am even toying with the idea of retraining and perhaps striking out in a different career direction. And of course finally giving myself time to work on one of the things that has been cluttering my brain for years and sharing it with you all.

It could all end up coming to nothing but it’s the variety that makes it exciting.

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