What is best in life?

It’s been a while since I last wrote, and to be honest I have done very little that was worth sharing. Life has continued apace, our great French adventure is taking shape, and I have been sitting around on my backside getting slower, older and heavier.

But fear not dear reader, for a couple of things are happening. Not least of which is my involvement in the Global Corporate Challenge. Along with six other colleagues I have been press ganged into taking part in the GCC, which will see us trying to become fitter and healthier over the next 100 days while making a virtual journey around the world.

The brainchild of some Aussies who thought that people that work in large corporates are all fat and unhealthy type, the Global Corporate Challenge aims to improve your fitness, make you think more about healthy eating options, and provide some strategies for developing a healthier sleep pattern.

The whole thing begins in earnest on 27 May and ahead of that I have input my starting fitness levels into the system. The results don’t make good reading. Apparently I am not fit enough, eat badly and am not getting enough quality sleep. Worse still, the system has given me a heart score that states that my relative heart health is that of someone three years older than me. Whatever that means. It doesn’t sound good though.

On the plus side I have received a tiny little pedometer that is supposed to allow me to log my virtual fitness on the system by counting up my steps throughout the day. I’ve started wearing it already to get an idea of how far I can get in a day. These steps will be logged for the team and propel us on our virtual journey around the world. Not that I am competitive, but already I am scoping out the competition in my department to see what I might have to do to ensure that they can be defeated.

After all, what is best in life?


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