Global Corporate Challenge

The first stage of Global Corporate Challenge is over and I must admit that I was struggling to hit my 10,000 steps a day at first. My average has crept up though and I’m motoring along now. I’m starting to have to think of strategies for increasing my steps throughout the day and it is interesting to see how much further I walk when I work from the office rather than from home. Most of my team mates are achieving far higher step averages than me and so I still have some work to do. Like today, it is 14:58 and i’ve only managed 4,615 steps so far. Now that we have moved into the second stage of the GCC the online tool has decided that I need to walk further every day. So by the end of today I am supposed to have walked 13,470 steps. How the blazes am I supposed to squeeze that in? So, it’s harder than I thought, and I move much less than I thought that I would.

There is a game element to the GCC whereby you are awarded points for various lifestyle items. One of these is your Heart Score. This is one of the areas where I was struggling as I had no idea what my cholesterol and blood pressure readings were. I have to admit that I was a little concerned about what they might be but I made an appointment at the local pharmacy and had them checked. It was straightforward and took very little time. I recommend that everyone over the age of 40 go and get it done. My readings were good as it turned out and I needn’t worry too much, but the cholesterol one I had no idea about. You can feel perfectly fine apparently and yet you might be ready to explode. But, as I said my readings were good so I can go right on eating those bacon sandwiches. My blood pressure was good as well, which surprised me a little I have to say. Quite a few years ago I did a thing where I had to prove that I had good blood pressure and I had to supply an ECG reading to show hat I wasn’t going to immediately keel over and die. So I had my blood pressure taken a couple of times and it was verging on high. This was at the time that I was the fittest I have probably ever been. How could my blood pressure possibly be high? I found it quite stressful and ended up buying a little machine to test it myself. When I tested it everything was normal. When I got the doctor or nurse to check it then it would be up high. What is that about? White coat hypertension apparently. I would sit there with the little cuff swelling up around my arm, trying to breathe evenly and think of ways that I could will my blood pressure lower! It never worked. In the end the doctor and I agreed that it was all fine and that I would probably survive. Which I did I’m glad to say.

And so I continue on this virtual journey around the world with my colleagues. We are in New Zealand just now it seems, and one of the top 5 teams in our company. Nothing to do with me I hasten to add. But I can’t be letting my team mates down and so I’m off to dance vigorously in the kitchen for half an hour to get my step count up.

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