February Fun

The month started with Foxtrail Winter Running Series Race 5 – Harvest Moon Half Marathon. This followed an interestingly shaped course that looped back through past the start line three times before the finish. The weather was kind but cold on the day, with much of the course looping back and forth through woodland. Quite a few of the tracks through the woods were covered in aggregate the size of my fist which made the going interesting in my thinly cushioned trail shoes.

After looping back and forth through the woods and by the side of farm fields we were eventually routed out onto the beach to run an out and back section on soft sand. After wading through freezing sea water in two places we came back inland and along farm tracks to the finish, where I was surprised to be met by a small reception committee.

It was tough but I set myself a pace that I managed to maintain for the entire course and so I was more than happy with my showing at the end. I was never going to set any records or PB’s but it was good to get out in the cold and run around in lovely surroundings.


The next and final race in the series is scheduled for early March and so the rest of the month has been about trying to keep moving.

Sometime in the middle of February the sun came out and so we went on a little family adventure. We climbed up two hills, after which we celebrated with ice cream. The Monkey and I made a short film about it. Feast your eyes!

For a bit of a change, the following weekend we went to see The Sound Of Music in Edinburgh. It was very good. Slightly different to the film and I think it was better as a result. The cast were all very good, with one or two being excellent.


The month ended with a dump of snow that saw us trapped in the house for a week. I have sat inside eating biscuits to pass the time. Which means that my attempt at running 1000 miles in 2018 has taken a bit of a setback. There’s going to have to be some catching up done in March, if the weather improves.


I’ve arranged a couple of little adventures for later in the year too. More about them later.

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