Marching On

I’m not far off the half way point of my challenge to myself to run 1000 miles in 2018. So far I am not doing too well! This is day 144 and I am 113 miles down on my target. I’ve completed 280 of 394 miles (give or take a few tenths). This gives me the perfect excuse to do a few things over the next month to try to claw back some of that mileage. I’ll tell you about some of that later this week.

In the meantime let’s catch up.

March began as February ended, with snow. While I had to continue to work it was fun all the way for the Monkey as all of the schools were closed. We found a small hill in one of the local farmer’s fields and went sledging! It was so much fun that we made a short video of the fun we had.

And then, all of a sudden, winter was gone and spring sprung. In April I got out on my bike for the first time since the Coast to Coast last September. I managed a 42 mile loop through sunny East Lothian, heading out to Haddington and back via Dunbar. Climbing hills was hard but in a good way. At one point just above Spott, after a hard climb, a roe buck burst out of Brock Wood Nature Reserve, skipped across the road right in front of me, and disappeared back into the trees on the other side. Splendid.

It was good to blast the cobwebs away, but that last hill up from the village to the house was a hill too far!


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